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 Name: Astral
Age: ??? Species: Rotom
Level: Height:  1'0'' Weight: 0.7 lbs
Nature: Naive Characteristic: Often Lost in Thought

Ability: Levitate



Confuse Ray


Thunder Wave


  Notes: As a Rotom, Astral is of course quite ghostly, and tends to have the unfortunate issue of not remaining entirely corporeal while holding things. In regard to appearance however, his electric glow seems to 'flame' near the top of his head spike, and his eyes are different colours; one is silver-grey, and the other is gold. He's also decorated in the markings and gemstones of his original body, making him look quite outlandish. Finally, he's typically devoid of the characteristic 'smile' of the rotom.
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Name: Usagi
Journal: N/A
Contact: usagisquared on AIM/PM me
Other Characters Played: Insector Haga- also apping Crow Hogan

Character/Alignment/Role: Oh he's definitely in the 'good' area, narrowly close to 'lawful good' even. The only reason I would say it's closer to 'neutral' good now is that he's spent enough time in Mayfield to realize that the law occasionally conflicts with common sense and 'what's right; at the same time he's far too 'rigid' for chaotic good so... 'Neutral Good'! He was the protagonist in his world you see, but in Mayfield he was more or less just another face attempting to survive...
Description of AU!World:
Astral is basically being moved from 'Mayfield', which closes soon enough (and since he's really not been involved in the end events at all, it won't be much trouble to edit a comment into how that goes- it really changes little, since the place closes before December.). Mayfield trapped players in a jam-jar town of the same name, seemingly set in the fifties; anyone who wasn't a player character was a 'drone', and rather determinedly convinced that the player had always been there... And that those occasional glitches involving events that more often than not ended in death were entirely non-existent.

Before entering Mayfield, he was a fairly self-driven sort of being, highly intelligent and observing by nature. As a being reliant on whether or not Yuuma won a duel, and additionally because Yuuma himself was not the best duelist at all, he had little regard for his requests to duel on his own, preferring to take matters into his own hands and offer his advice- even if he had to twist the advice to get Yuuma to do what he wanted. Though this toned down early on, it is revealed even AFTER his 'canon point' that this trait is still there. He seems to hesitate to ask someone or request of someone anything that directly concerns his life, instead using some sort of ulterior motive they might have in order to drive the question.

Astral was, and still is, incredibly intelligent, with an infalliable photographic memory. However he also lacked most memories of who he was; so as 'selfish' as he was (somewhat excusable given it concerned his life though), he could also be quite naive. He makes continual observations of the situation, drawing what he will from the scene and only occasionally asking questions; again, likely due to his own limits. With his time with Yuuma, he learned to rely somewhat less on himself; he learned to trust in other people, and while still quite stiff and almost regal in nature, his quietness could occasionally be broken with a smile.

And then he came to Mayfield.

Thanks to his time in Mayfield as  solid, living being, he's become more of a person in his own right. Still very intelligent and curious in nature, with a desire to observe before acting, him watching as many others came and went (and potentially the fact that he was neighbors with Captain America of all people) not only made him more likely to befriend others, but more likely to act in their stead, in their interest. Though he can seem submissive in his interactions, he does indeed put his foot down when he feels someone is about to cross a logic-line, and while he can't do much in the way of force he at least attempts to talk them out of it, and in the event it doesn't work will follow to keep things from going too badly. He has a very high sense of responsibility; if he didn't attempt to help, he would feel as though he had somehow caused whatever dire consequences followed.

In addition, he's more liable to investigate into situations than he is to sit back and watch, as a combination of his own curiosity and his now 'yuuma-like' tendency to wish to draw danger away from those he's close to. Lighter notes is that he's become somewhat less inclined to think linearly as he is creatively; by his end point in Mayfield, he'd gone from attempting to re-create what he saw and remembered in art form to interpreting it in alternate ways; he got to be quite the artist in the game! In other words, he might have a more creative solution to a problem than he would have a year ago. It depends, of course.

The short of it? Highly intelligent and observing, he has a rather problematic curiosity, and a naive approach to his understanding of the world; he doesn't quite take things at face value any more, but he's still easy to fool in the matters of social circumstance, having more experience with the 'book' arts so to speak. He values his friends greatly, and does what he can with their best interests in mind... Though he can often seem like a 'backseat driver' as a result.

All of his canon information is found here; however keep in mind that he only has memory of events before his brief 'death' at III's hands.

After that however he would wake up, largely human, in a house in Mayfield, then inhabited by Barbara Gordon in the place of 'Mother', and Sherlock Holmes for 'Father'... Both were droned. Holmes would briefly be replaced by Yu Narukami before he as well was droned, and so in the house Astral would become close to his 'sister' instead- Raven. They came to know each other rather well, enjoying the other's silence. Outside the home, Astral became close acquaintences with very few others- notably these people were Neville Longbottom (which increased when he began attending the highschool there), and Conan Edogawa... The latter of which eventually had Sherlock Holmes return as his own 'father'. His interactions overall would lead, in the latter case in particular, to his opening up and his tendencies to 'backseat drive'; the closest thing he ever had to a canon-mate left quickly, and so he was left to develop on a path not originally possible.

Through his time in Mayfield much has happened; he's even died once, and other times been gravely injured by mere encounter with another 'player'. As things increasingly drew to a close, he visibly became more determined to help; however could not. His interactions have given him the sense of being another number, another piece in the machine... And while he's been released from the one in Mayfield, he may well spend the first bit of time expecting the world of pokemon to be of similar design.

Pokemon: In his canon realm, Astral was a very ghost-like entity, visible and audible only to a small few, and entirely unable to interact physically with the world. While he's more used to being solid than ghostly by this point, a ghost was still the natural choice, and with that in mind 'Rotom' is the best choice, due to its bright 'blue white' glow- similar to his natural skin tone.

He keeps a number of his face markings, as well as the three gems from his brow; additionally, one eye is white, and the other is gold.

Personality Test
1. You're in class when you realize that you really have to go to the restroom! What do you do?
I believe in this case it is perfectly within my rights to raise my hand to politely request to leave the room for the moment. It would be worse to attempt to wait after all.

2. Your friend is running a little late to meet you. Is that OK?
It's fine.

Though I hope it doesn't mean something is wrong...
3. You fail miserably! Everyone found out, and they're disappointed in you... What do you do?
Ahhhh... [O-Oh no...]

I- I must apologize... Believe me when I assure to you it will not happen again!

4. You've been asked to do a difficult task. What will you do?
Ah- well, as long as it's still within the limits of my ability, I would be glad to assist! ..However if the difficulty is of a certain level, it may be more wise to ask another for assistance, I think.

5. Do you think that, no matter what, life goes on?
Life does not go on if you die. However, until then, I believe that one at least has the chance of recovery. [This has been philosophy with Astral, evidently...]

Sample RP: There is a rotom floating in the middle of treasure town, but rather than doing what most rotom would and cause trouble, he appears to be staring intently at the store across from him. It's putting the Keckleon off rather visibly. and yet for all their discomfort they can't do anything; he is, after all, innocent until proven guilty.

He stares for some time, shifting only slightly to get a different angle of view. Finally however he approaches, looking over the wares and coughing.

"I... Must apologize," he admits, "However I am yet unsure of how to use these to carry any purchased goods..." The keckleon are still both relatively shocked to silence, and so the rotom continues. "Do you perhaps have any advice?" he asks. "I wish to purchase an apple."

There is still more silence, and the oddly bejeweled rotom frowns.

"Erm- Is something wrong, perhaps?"

The keckleon both hurriedly snap themselves of their stupor at that, and manage to choke out some advice while giving the price of the food.

By the end of it he has his apple balanced gingerly in two electric 'hands', taking great care to not 'spark' out and drop it.

The keckleon in the meantime, recover from their stroke.
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 Figured its best to make one of these right off the bat, so here we go!

HMD: Comment here with any questions, suggestions, or complaints you may have about how I'm playing Astral! I'm always open to people's opinions!

Household Info:

Actual Name: 'Astral'
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
Canon Point: 'Up To Date'; he's taken from about episode 40, but depending on how much happens this might stretch to the end of the arc- it depends on development. More likely, it'll be a canon update.

Mayfield Name: Astral Holmes Narukami
Address: 630 Topper
Father: Sherlock Holmes Yu Narukami (Droned)
Mother: Batgirl (Droned)
Sibling(s): Raven (Droned)
Occupation: High School Student (Grade Nine)

OOC Permissions

Time Zone: Pacific

Backtagging: Perfectly cool!
Threadhopping: With some warning, also cool!
Fourthwalling: Well, if you find a way... Not quite sure he'll catch on to what's being said though.
Offensive Subjects: I'm open to a lot of stuff, but if you're nervous, be sure to run it by me first!

IC Permissions

Hugging: Hey, go for it! He'll just be mildly surprised. Remember, these parts of social interaction aren't something he's very familiar with... Also he hangs around Yuuma all the time, and Yuuma does lots of over-the-top exciting things... Including those victory hugs and such.
Kissing: Ask first- but he will assuredly be confused and not likely react in any way other than, well... confusion.
Flirting: He won't flirt back...
Fighting: He's not a physical character, so you'd essentially be beating the crap out of something that won't fight back. If he DOES fight back, then you have somehow pushed him over a very distant line, and if he has his 'Number 96' regain, you should be verrrry careful with that line... (ASK first..!)
Injury: Should probably ask about details with me first- I like to know what's going on after all.
Killing: LOTS of plotting first! I want to know all the details and all the reasons- he'd be easy to kill, but why is he dying in the first place after all?
Telepathy/Mind Reading: ...Really not sure what you'll find. Also he'll be quite confused.

Warnings: Astral knows little about humans. He will ask and say some weird shit. He will also have no sense of privacy.


Specific to Astral:

Earrings [ ]
Glowing [ ]
Floating [X]
'Phasing' Ability [ ]
Disk-From-Arm [ ]
D-Gazer Eye [ ]


Yuuma's Clothes [ ]
Yuuma's Bedroom [X]
Yuuma's Attic
Sherlock Holmes Costume (see here) [ ]
Yuuma's School Uniform [X]
- Note; both are altered to be less eye-bleeding when worn on pale blue skin. Because otherwise yea.
   - Alternatively, the colour change is a separate regain.
The Emperor's Key [ ]
Yuuma's D-Gazer & Disk [X]
  - D-Gazer Communicative Abilities [ ]
Yuuma's Deck [X]
Numbers Cards (One per regain; Number 39: Hope comes with the deck. Each Numbers Card carries one of Astral's memories from before his time in Yuuma's world.)
 - Number 7: Lucky Stripe [ ]
 - Number 11: Big Eye [ ]
 - Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja [ ]
 - Number 16: Ruler of Colour - Shock Ruler [ ]
 - Number 17: Leviath Dragon [ ]
 - Number 19: Freezerdon [ ]
 - Number 25: Fullmetal Photoglide - Focus Force [ ]
 - Number 34: Terrorbyte [ ]
 - Number 61: Volcasaurus [ ]
 - Number 83: Galaxy Queen [ ]
 - Number 96: Black Mist [ ]
 - Chaos Number 39: Hope Ray [ ]

Regains History:

- Duel Monster Deck - April Fools Event 2012
- D-Gazer and Pad - AU-Field Event June 2012
- Flight, Yuuma's School Clothes - Step-Right Up Event July 2012
- Yuuma's Bedroom - Portals Event September 2012

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 Questions or comments on how I play Astral? They go here!

Want to plot for a recent event rather than using PMs?

They go here too!~
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 I'll put a phone picture here later-

So this is for IC contact with Astral! Have at it!

HMD is elsewheres. :U
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Name: Usagi
Personal Journal: N/A
Contact Info: AIM - 'usagisquared' | Yahoo - tali_eefi@yahoo.ca
Other Characters Played: None

Preferred Housing: 630 Topper (The Holmes)- I have sent a PM to each current resident asking if this request is alright with them; I have only received a response approving the request from Raven and Batgirl at this moment however, and have yet to receive any word from Sherlock.

Character Name: 'Astral'
Character Series: Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal
Character Age: Unknown- appears to be around 13, though this is partially an assumption based on the age of the remaining main cast (which is largely 13.)
Background: Wiki Here!
Personality: To start simply, Astral is considered a rather calm, and collected sort of being. He appears to have his thoughts with him at all times, being able to retain information without fail (as seen with his properly numbered observations and recollections of certain prior events), and more importantly is incredibly observant and intelligent. He is able to strategize step by step ahead of his opponents during duels in fact, and has even used bits of psychological observation to prove this; during one in particular, against Yuuma's math teacher, he noted that the man had an obsession with perfection- because of this, he easily deduced that his first action following a strike to his lifepoints would be to recover them, rather than counterattack. He is also extremely capable of mathmatical feats- he repeatedly calculated the chances of someone rolling consequitive sixes on a die, with alarming precision.

However, as intelligent and level-headed as he is, he is curious and literal-minded to the point of naivite. These traits are likely due to his lack of knowledge of the world he was in- however the fact remains that he will often take as much as he can from a situation based on observation, asking without hesitation on anything he cannot glean himself. Unfortunately, he takes things quite literally, as seen when Yuuma's response to the question of why he could not follow him (into the washroom) was 'I'll die..!'; he immediately made the observation that humans had an odd cycle of consuming energy before disposing of it in a private room of sorts, an action that if interrupted would result in death.

This curiosity becomes far more evident as the series progresses, particularly during a construction centered episode in fact; during the end moments of the duel aftermath, he can be seen floating about every nook and cranny of the area, taking things in with a rather thoughtful look. He makes odd 'observations' based on these occasionally, including one particular gem after observing Yuuma's reaction to rediscovering the taste of tomatoes (which he had been certain were disgusting)... Namely 'kattobingu also means, 'loving tomatoes'. Other odd observations include the importance of soccer ('the thing called soccer seems to be profound'), but he has slowly become more 'human' through these stated points as well; observations such as 'humans feel pain in their hearts', and more upsettingly, 'when human beings hurt one another with their words, they have no memory of it afterward'- which had been followed by a 'Kotori... I think I understand how you feel'. (Kotori being the girl that Yuma had upset in the first place; and also not present at the time he said this.)

The more the series progresses, the more Astral has become open to displaying emotion, and more importantly the more familiar he is with the concept of emotion as a whole. This is likely due to the growing connections he forged, along with the constant companionship to overall emotional beings. It has been confirmed for example, that until Yuuma's duel against 'Jin', he was truly unaware of what the feeling of 'fear' was (though he has at one point stated that he does not like things that he has not had time to observe, as with Cathy's cats, beforehand.), and it took the realization of this fear to get over it enough to face the source of it (namely Kaito Tenjo.). It is likely that this fear causes a heavy sense of doubt in regard to any situation he is not completely sure of as well, as he immediately warned Yuuma to flee during their first encounter with Kaito, instantly realizing he did not know if they would win the match (and indeed, they technically lost.), and even going so far as to tell Yuuma they should refuse Jin's challenge for a match due to the fact that he was supposedly Kaito's helper of sorts (he wasn't, as it turned out.). This as well seems to have toned down somewhat, with Astral gaining more respect for Yuuma's 'charge' attitude that he looked down on in comparisson to his strategy of defense, taking Yuuma's catchphrase of 'kattobingu' (essentially, 'rising above' or 'giving it your all') and becoming less likely to immediately judge the situation based on complete knowledge over a situation.

Aside from fear however, Astral has also become somewhat warmer- he clearly values his friendship with Yuuma, giving a rare smile when the boy announced it, and making the motion more often as time went. By this point he seems to actively support Yuuma's enthusiasm outside of dueling, and while his blunt observations can be unintentionally insulting, this seems to have toned down with the 'happiness'. It is clear that he highly values friendship as well- aside from the emotion he clearly feels because of it (indeed, he appears to only smile these few times when it concerns that bond with Yuuma, with any exceptions happening VERY recently), he has more than once proven to be self-sacrificing in regard to the bonds it creates.

These two situations are widely different in a way- with the first, during the match against 'Jin', Yuuma was offered the chance to surrender to save his friends. However, despite knowing that the loss of a duel involving numbers would result in his death, he told Yuuma it would be best to do so- a fact that was of course, fought back by Yuuma himself on the grounds that he was considered his friend as well.

The second situation occurs within Yuuma's key however; upon realizing that Yuuma is in dire need of help, he sends the card 'Hope' out from the key and back to Yuuma's extra deck for use in the duel, despite the fact that the monster itself was the only thing protecting him from 'Black Mist'; in the end, it was Yuuma's own bond to Astral that saved him from Black Mist, further cementing his feelings for the friendship and his general attitude toward it.

Of course, that does not change his cluelessness- case in point the scene directly after, where a number of people ganged up on Yuuma's friend for cheating them, and in contrast to the very obvious grimaces Kotori and Yuuma made, he held a completely blank look... But perhaps as he learns more he will react more as well.

As it is, until he asks an entirely innocent but clearly out of place question, it's quite likely that he could even be mistaken for some sort of drone over the phone- at least until someone realizes that semi-monotone is not the vocal pattern of the Mayfield's standard, of course.

Abilities: Strangely enough, his very existence in Mayfield could be argued as an ability; incredible duelist that he is, this really doesn't do him much good in a world without duel monsters trading cards. However, for the sake of RP, his more 'ghostly' side... That is, the ability to float as he typically does, will be considered an ability that he has lost access to.

Which means he will have to walk. Possibly learn how to walk, in fact, as he never makes that sort of motion in the series.

Another ability he no longer has may in fact be tied to the key that is still in his former world; he was able to materialize a dueldisk over his arm, along with the cards that Yuuma himself normally has in his deck. This ability would largely be pointless in Mayfield however- no one else has even likely heard of Duel Monsters after all, so it would be a little difficult to duel someone.

In any case, if his entire being is considered an ability in itself, the option of making him human is there in a sense; as it is, he probably won't be glowing in Mayfield, regardless of remaining blue with strange markings and earings or not. (Though given Mayfield's conditions of arrival, those earrings could well be gone...)

Sample Entry: [[In which Astral interacts with a drone kid and learns about 'LGM's. ...Clearly these are the focus of the only movie playing at the Drive In.]]

'School' was an interesting place, Astral had observed, though it was not quite what he had expected.

His first 'Mayfield related' observation of 'School' was that there were no uniforms as Yuuma's schools had required. Instead he had found, the 'uniforms' of everyday applied. It was lucky that someone had corrected him when he was examining the differences between these two 'uniforms' in fact, or he would never have realized that boys were 'unable' to wear skirts and dresses, apparently.

He had asked one of the younger boys about this, and they had stuttered out a few questions of what his life was like growing up, and when he responded that he wasn't actually human he had received the assumption that he was playing something called 'invaders from mars' and quickly corrected on what these 'martians' looked like.

In fact, it was now, during 'recess' at this 'school' (There was so much to learn here, he found, though after a while he was beginning to wonder why they could not simply observe these things for themselves in the real world.), that one of the boys was explaining to him this. And after a few moments of this explaining, he nodded. "I see," he stated almost sagely, using a tone that most would not at all link to his age group. "These 'martians' are little green forms of human men?"

"They sure are!" the boy responded cheerily (Another observation; these boys were more cheerful than even Yuuma, and did not seem to show any other emotion. It was quite interesting.). "They also have lil' antennae, just like them bugs crawling right over there!"

He turned- the bugs were indeed a good source of visual reference for the antennae, though he already knew what those looked like at least. Looking back, he nodded. "Mm. And they carry these 'ray guns'..?"

"That's right! They'll vaporize yah if they spot you!"

"How interesting..."

"Of course, it's just a game- but you seem mighty interested! You wanna play?"

Astral blinked a few times, before nodding. "Yes- this looks to be quite interesting."

The boy would then mutter off about how that was a 'mighty strange way to say things', but seemed to overall be happy about this. Astral couldn't help but wonder why the others who had appeared in this place were so put off by these other children actually- odd as they were, they were truly quite interesting folk to speak to.


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